Noripharma Sdn Bhd


Noripharma Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing company that was incorporated on 23 October 2007. We are a 100% Bumiputra owned Private Limited Company registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) as a Bumiputra manufacturer.

Noripharma’s factory has facilities to produce capsules, tablets, syrups, suspensions, creams, ointments and suppositories. We have over 120 products registered with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) and several more in the registration process.

Our factory is GMP licensed by the NPCB according to the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC/S) and is subject to the normal periodical inspections to ensure compliance.


We strive to enhance the value of life through quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.

We define the “value of life” to include the quality life of our customers and our employees. We focus on producing quality and affordable pharmaceuticals in order to increase accessibility of medicine to all level of society. We strive to practice good social responsibility towards environmental health by introducing environmental friendly methods in our processes.


To have regional presence for our pharmaceutical brand.

We aspire to expand our brand presence into regional markets. A strong local brand foundation is vital to achieve this vision.

We share and uphold our national goal of developing the local pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

We appreciate the importance of our people to accomplish our mission and vision through our values of leadership, problem solving and teamwork.

Operational Excellence Initiatives

Operation excellence initiatives provide basis for our commitment towards continuous improvement in our total process to ensure cost efficiency comes with quality.

Our mission in operational excellence initiative is that we will pursue continual improvement through an effective Lean Six Sigma Program by providing strong executive leadership, advance training and employee empowerment to drive improvement through the organization.

Therefore we produce WHAT IS NEEDED, WHEN IS NEEDED, WITH MINIMUM AMOUNT OF MATERIALS, EQUIPMENT, LABOUR AND SPACE in line with our corporate mission of providing quality and affordable medicine.


We define our values from the aspect of leadership, problem solving/ continuous improvement and teamwork.


  • Lead by example
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Passionate in delivering quality and affordable pharmaceutical products
  • Problem solving and continuous improvement

  • Assuring quality at source
  • Systematic thinking
  • Positive thinking
  • Embrace scientific thinking
  • Teamwork

  • Assertive in making things happen
  • Mutual respect for each individual in the internally and externally
  • Noripharma Sdn Bhd